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The Indian Advantage
The global trend to manufacture and source products in low-cost countries is likely to gather strength over the next ten years, particularly in the skill-intensive industries where India has a significant competitive advantage.

(CII-Mckinsey Report: Made in India)

In order for a high-cost-country company to benefit from this competitive advantage, a global mindset keeping India as a top sourcing hub is imperative.

India offers a wide range of products, materials and supplies at competitive prices and excellent quality. Moreover, the Indian government has implemented key reforms in labour development, taxation, infrastructure, and clusters (SEZs) making India an advantageous sourcing option.

Why You Need Us

If you are looking at gaining from India’s growth story, but do not want to invest in setting up an international division abroad; you have come to the right place!

Medium and large corporations in the developed world often do not have the in-house language capability or cultural knowledge required to penetrate the sourcing-market-place of a country like India.

This is where we come in. As your sole representatives in India, we will endeavour to bring to you the latest, most cost-effective solutions, a differentiated product line and innovative purchasing opportunities.

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