Our People

We are aware that regular interaction and communication with suppliers is critical when it comes to achieving operational efficiencies, reduced costs and improved services. JMSPL is structured in a manner that reflects this theme.

Our vendor managers are assigned to a group of vendors based on product and industry. They adopt a thorough analysis of each segment and leverage their expertise and relationships with suppliers to help make informed buying decisions, expand product selection and reduce risk.

They are involved in many important activities of the sourcing program such as market research, vendor identification, production updates, inspections, feedback etc.

While our vendor managers work out of our head office in New Delhi, our support team is spread across the country. This gives us broad access to vendors all over India. It allows us to source a larger range of products for our customers, as different areas of India specialize in different products. It also allows for easy and frequent quality checks, production updates and inspections.

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