What We Actually Do
Your sourcing objectives in India are likely to be a reflection of your company-wide procurement policies. We want to take the time to understand your organization, the markets you operate in and the customers you serve.

It is only then that we will be able to develop a strategic sourcing program that serves your organizational goals and future plans for growth.

We recognize that the underlying objective of all sourcing strategies is to manage time and quality in the most cost-effective way.


Market Research

This is a critical component of any sourcing strategy. Market evaluation can take into consideration global trends, Indian trade and manufacturing policies, supply chain conditions etc. Based on your sourcing objectives and identified products, relevant industry-specific information will be gathered and shared. This will allow us to modify the sourcing objective if needed, and to make informed decisions moving forward.


Vendor Identification

Based on your target prices, desired quality and estimated quantity, we will find the most suitable vendors for you. The performance capabilities (such as quality assurance programs, material management processes, internal audit standards etc.) of selected vendors will be assessed. We will only allow credible and compliance friendly suppliers to bid for your business.


Product Development and Sampling

Whether your intention is to develop a new product, modify an existing one, or shift production from a high-cost country to India, we recognize the importance of developing and assessing samples before making any commitments. Samples allow for comparisons in quality, assembly techniques, efficiency and assessment of supply chain. They also simplify the process of vendor selection.



Negotiations work best when two or more vendors are pitching for the same business. It allows for healthy competition and cost effective solutions. Longstanding experience in dealing with vendors, in-depth knowledge of the market and mature negotiating skills allow us to tweak issues relating to price, quality, quantity, lead-time and payment terms in your favour.


Final Selection

Based on product samples, and your price and quantity requirements, a final list of product(s) and vendor(s) are selected. We often prepare and facilitate MOUs between you and the vendor(s), relating to protection of proprietary information, price, quantity, lead-time etc. in order to ensure that products reach you in a consistent and timely manner. Such agreements often help in hedging client and manufacturer risk against currency volatility, inflation and material cost fluctuations. At this stage, inspection checklists are also prepared in consultation with the clients.


Production Updates

Once purchase orders are released to vendors, it is our duty to provide regular production updates to the client. We conduct checks at different stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the timely production of goods. Our vendor managers are responsible for setting quality standards and identifying areas where gaps could occur. Modifications and improvements to expedite production or improve systems are suggested. In case critical errors are found, production is put on hold and necessary solutions are developed in consultation with the client.


Final Inspection

Our vendor managers randomly select samples from the final batch of production for detailed product evaluations as per universally acknowledged test standards like AQL. Inspections involve testing of dimensions, weights, gauges, and other characteristics to determine whether the products are in line with targets and specifications. We also facilitate external laboratory testing of goods (material composition, heavy metals testing etc.), if required. A detailed inspection report is then prepared and shared with the buyer.


Logistics Support

We want to ensure that the flow of goods from their point of origin to point of consumption is smooth and trouble-free. We often negotiate with forwarding and freight companies in India to get competitive quotes for material handling, consolidation of shipments, customs clearances, warehousing, and transportation.



Feedback is critical for us to improve the job we do, maintain standards and learn from our mistakes. It allows us to guide suppliers to review their systems and improve processes. We want to know how well the products you sourced from India fared in your stores. We want to know how your customers reacted to them. This will help us to create better sourcing solutions for you in the future.

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