From The Director`s Desk
Jhalani Marketing Services Private Limited started 20 years ago as a boutique buying
house based out of New Delhi, serving select customers in the developed world.

After an initial focus on tools and hardware, JMSPL branched out into being a full-service agency catering to both hard goods and soft goods needs of large home centers, distributors and retailers across the developed world.

Our clients are located all over western and eastern Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. In each market, we work only with a few, non-competing principals. Over the years, various companies have approached us to help them source out of India, but we have turned many down – to ensure zero conflict of interest. The accent is, has been and will always be on developing deep relationships that can stand the test of time.

Just having us around means “no rack rates”. Vendors often give prices between 5 to 15 % lower straight off the bat as they know that we are around to talk to other Indian companies, and know what actual costs are.

Our strong focus on ethical procurement practices and transparent transactions has contributed to a steady growth of around 10-15% each year.

We are committed to developing innovative sourcing and procurement opportunities for our clients in the years to come. We believe that India’s growth story has just begun, and we are sure that JMSPL will play a prominent role in this growth.

We invite prospective clients to write to us and investigate further how we can be of service to them.

Anoop Jhalani
Managing Director

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